Different Types of Pipe Cutters

Some years ago, cutting a pipe was a tough task. A lot of efforts and hard work were required in pipe cutting, but with the advancement in technology, many new pipe cutting technologies and machines have emerged. It is really important to cut the pipe cleanly, otherwise, it will be very difficult to join it with other materials. So in this article, you will get a list of different pipe cutters that are being used by a lot of people to cut pipes properly. The process of cutting a pipe is also known as pipe profiling. So if you want to more about different pipe cutters, then keep reading this article.

1- Manual Chain Pipe Cutters

Manual chain pipe cutters are one of the best options when you need to cut a pipe but the space is limited. They can be a great choice for all the pipes that have limited space. It comes with a chain that is used to wrap around the pipe that you want to cut. They are also referred to as snap cutters. The process of cutting is, that the chain gets wrapped and locked around the pipe. In the chain wheels, small cutting wheels are present. After locking the wheel, the handle of the cutter is squeezed to generate even pressure around the pipe, resulting in a pop sound that indicates that the pipe has been cut evenly.

The best thing about manual chain cutter is that they can cut the pipe in just one stroke and they provide clean, fast and even cut every time, that makes them very efficient. The cutter chains are also easily available and they are very easy to replace. The chain is also flexible and does not rotate around the pipe.

2- Hydraulic Chain Pipe Cutters

Hydraulic Chain Pipe Cutters are best to cut large diameter cast iron, concrete pipes, and tiles. They can do the work of hours in just some minutes. They come with a chain that is wrapped around the pipe and with the help of cutter wheels, the pipe is squeezed and it cuts pipe with a pop sound. The remotely operated cutters are very powerful and can cut any pipe. They can also be a great option in cutting a trench or loose pipe.

One great thing about this cutter is that the chain, which is wrapped around the pipe does not rotate around the pipe and only 2 to 3 clearance is required to wrap the cutter around the pipe. They also come completely with hose, case, and pump.

3- Steel Pipe Cutters

Steel pipe cutters can also be very beneficial in cutting in smaller areas. It comes with a wide roller design that helps in creating square cuts. They are the perfect choice for cutting stainless steel with no burr.

4- Ratchet Chain Pipe Cutters

Ratchet chain pipe cutters are best in cutting the ground and ditch pipe. The difference between ratchet chain pipe cutter and single stroke manual chain cutters is the ratchet is the capability of action cutting. They are great in easing the strain and the ratchet action also gives it advantage in comparison to other pipe cutters. They come with a flexible chain that is wrapped around the pipe and the handles are used to ratchet the chain and the chain that consists of small cutter wheels puts pressure, resulting in the clean-cut of the pipe.

The pop sound is the indication that the pipe has been cut. Ratchet chain cutters are great for close quarters and probably the best option to cut pipes on the ground. They are also fast and give clean and cut every time. They come with a flexible chain and they tightly lock around the pipe and does not rotate around it.


Pipe cutting tools have become important because they make the full process of cutting the pipes very easy. They also give a proper clean cut. Pipe profiling is also used to cut specific parts, so that the other pipe parts can be attached and welding is used for attaching different parts to the pipe to make sure that they get attached strongly. All the information regarding pipe cutters is mentioned above. Hope this article will give useful information and will solve all of your queries and doubts.



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